For years, hundreds of TTC staff scammed the employee health care plan and pocketed millions. The true story of the fraud, the investigation, and the lives left in ruins. “The Great TTC Fraud,” Toronto Life, April 2018.


“And while he could travel faster than anyone he knew, he didn’t have anywhere to go.” Toronto Life investigative feature “The Hacker King.” 



“Ahmed’s odyssey began with a kiss.” The Walrus October 2017 cover story, “No Asylum: A Manitoba border town struggles with the influx of migrants escaping Trump’s America.”


“Regan is the superbug produced by our legal hygiene, the crook cooked up by our civic decency.” The Walrus June 2017 feature, “The Rise and Fall of Toronto’s Classiest Con man.”



“They walked into the casino, Mohammed in his tuxedo and Elana in her wedding gown, their lives laid out before them like a wager.” Toronto Life June 2017 cover, “Love Story.” 



“What I mean is that the unacknowledged legislators of the world abide nonsense when it’s our nonsense, applaud the censor when his pen vanquishes what we never cared for anyway, and can tolerate the atmosphere of totalitarianism when it’s toxic to every lung but ours. Like the right, we too will abandon the principles of liberal democracy if partisanship, in the name of progress, calls for it.” My 2017 Trent University Margaret Laurence Fellow Lecture, “Outside the Whale.” 



“Like his algae, he took what was exhausted, wasted, spent—even the soul of Paul Maasland—and turned it into fuel.” Toronto Life September 2016 cover story, ‘The Killer Inside.’


“Anne Carson’s abstruse, down-tuned music is the soundtrack to poetry’s institutionalized life in the twenty-first century.” From The Walrus September 2016 issue, ‘Is Anne Carson the First Poet with More Fans than Readers?’ 


“And so, as soon as I had finally earned my job as a Canadian literary critic, I had simultaneously disqualified myself from it.” From the July/August 2016 issue of The Walrus, ‘Poetry Slam.’


“He wasn’t just fat; he was maximized, leveled up, the difference between Super Mario before the mushroom and after.” From The Atlantic, ‘How Rob Ford Made Progressives Cruel.’


“The inconvenient truth about West’s criticism is that though it may be in bad taste, his taste isn’t bad.” From Slate, “I’mma Let You Finish, but Kanye West is the Greatest Critic of Our Time.” 


“The Canadian literary world, it turns out, is now intimately connected to the Armour Brigades Program, the largest—and maybe most heinous—foreign trade deal in our country’s history.” From Canadaland, ‘The Shock Absorber.’